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Bank of Ann Arbor 
Financial Literacy Programming

Workshops and Programming

Below are some of the workshops and trainings we offer.
Have an interest in a difference topic? We can develop programs for any financial literacy subject.

Intro to Banking

New to banking? This workshop, or private session, will answer all of your questions about what is required, and how to open an account. 

Navigating Personal Debt

Not all debt is bad. This session identifies the difference between “good debt” vs. “bad debt.”

Budgeting & Setting Goals

Customizable for any age demographic, this session covers needs vs. wants and the 50/30/20 Budget Rule.

Credit Bureau Reports

This session will walk you you through how to obtain a free credit report, how to read your credit report and general best practices for improving credit. 

Teach Children to Save

This session focuses on developing healthy lifelong saving habits.  


For high school seniors preparing for what happens after graduation, we’ll talk financial aid, the difference between private and government backed loans, repayment, setting goals, and budgeting.

Safe Banking for Seniors

This session helps customers, and their financial caregivers understand the risks of fraud, financial abuse, and how to protect themselves, or their loved ones.

Mortgage Workshop

Navigating the home-buying market can be tedious. In this session we’ll cover topics like pre-qualifications, negotiating and purchase agreements, home inspection, and title work. 

Identity Theft & Scams

Not only is fraud on the rise, but criminals are getting better at tricking us. We’ll discuss cybersecurity and fraud prevention.

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Our Financial Literacy Programming is Supported by: 

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Bank of Ann Arbor offers its financial literacy programs as a service to the community. We are not a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development approved counseling organization. For a list of HUD-approved ownership counselors or counseling organizations in your area, please visit

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